Training Specials

Discounted Training Special Ultrasound Pricing!

We are excited to say that we are going to be training a very sweet girl to take over while I am on Maternity leave next Spring. She attended an OB School of Ultrasound. We will be training her over the next few months. We will start with discounted rates on our packages.

Please understand we are starting from ground zero with training her how to run the business and work our machine so that is why pricing is greatly decreased.

Below we have our December dates and pricing listed. Please read through each ultrasound package details, on the website, to get full information. We will continue training in January and February so check back if you are not far enough along for either of these training dates.

We will begin training Thursday December 1st and Wednesday December 7th.

Pink Or Blue 14 Week Gender Reveal Package-  $89.00 .... $69.00! Peek A Boo 15 Week Gender Reveal Package- $65.00 .... $50.00! Peek A Boo Complete 15 Week Gender Reveal Package- $110.00 .... $79.00! Sweet Eyes 3D/4D- $129.00 .... $89.00! Angel Eyes 3D/4D/HD- $159.00 .... $119.00!