My Second Gender Reveal

Just a few weeks ago my husband and I had the exciting experience of surprising most of our friends and family with some big news!

Our son was turning two years old and everyone was driving from 1-2.5 hours away to see him so we thought it was the perfect time to make it worth their drive. I had started planning 6 months in advance because I am an over planner who cannot help herself. I went for a run one evening and decided that a Construction theme was perfect because we could send the invitations out with the idea that our son was under construction growing up, but surprise twist:

Our family is also under construction growing!

Some people will do the math and say 6 months in advance, no way! I was not pregnant when I got this idea, I am THAT much of an over planner. Thankfully God agreed with my idea and we were blessed to be pregnant just in time to be 15 weeks for our sons birthday party!

I started decorating a week in advance so the house would be perfect. My husband and I practice our gender reveal idea a few weeks in advance to make sure we could pull it off. We had a friend graciously do my ultrasound and keep it a secret from us so we could be surprised too! I decided to make a construction site in the yard, complete with barrels and construction tape and hats, and put our reveal secret in the middle of a pile of bricks. Inside we had planted 3 gender reveal smoke bombs. We had spray painted them black beforehand so we had no idea which ones she had given us to light.

Our son loves anything to do with tools and yard equipment so I knew he'd have fun with his present. We, with the help of family, had purchased him a two seater F-150 Power Wheels truck. I had done some research and found a company where you can order custom license plates from.

I ordered him a BIGBROTHER license plate to sit on the front of his truck.img_8672

I had also ordered him a custom Big Brother monster truck shirt and taped that to the driver's side of the truck and made a onesie with a blue and pink question mark on it and taped it to the passenger seat.


We wrapped the truck in massive amounts of Mickey Mouse wrapping paper (his favorite) and added a big red bow on top for fun!  We placed the truck by the construction site in the yard for a final effect.



Once everyone had been at the party for a little while we decided to let him open the truck first. Once the paper was removed and everyone had a minute to process what they were reading they were in shock! But surprise twist number two?! We aren't only JUST pregnant, we're 15 weeks pregnant so we're going to find out what it is today! That got the screaming happy cheers we had been hoping for.

My husband and I assumed it was another boy based on similar pregnancies. Our son was adamant it was a sister though. The grandmothers were very hopeful for a girl since both sides only have boys.

We lit the extra long fuse we had gotten for special effects and nervously waited. When the smoke finally started to come out you could hear some people say, 'blue', we thought so too, and then POOF! A giant cloud of bright pink smoke erupted and that was it! Everyone was screaming and yelling and jumping! It's a GIRL!!





We are very excited to announce we will be adding a little Girl to the First Glimpse family early April 2017. We hope you enjoyed our little story. Remember to have fun with your gender reveal's too, you only get so many!