My Own Gender Reveal

As the owner of First Glimpse I get asked a lot of questions about my personal experiences. I have a one year old son, who I think is the cutest thing there ever was like every other Mom. I get asked a lot of questions about my pregnancy and things I did throughout it and his birth. Let's just say his pregnancy after 24 weeks and birth story are for another day. I get a lot of shocked and surprised facial expressions from customers when they find out I own First Glimpse. My husband and I purchased the business in March 2015 and we gave it a massive make over. I couldn't have done it without his help and support along with my family but I personally run the business, by myself. I love coming to work and am having to learn a lot of things very quickly. At the end of the day I am just a normal 26 year old daughter, wife, friend and above all mother.

So just like a lot of women we see here, the second I found out I was pregnant I thought "What if it's a boy? What if its a girl?!" I wanted to know as soon as possible. My husband and I both do ultrasound so I knew how long I had to wait. Everyone asks me the big question, "How many weeks were you when you found out?" Get ready. I was 15 weeks. Yep, I had access to an ultrasound machine every day that I was pregnant, and don't get me wrong, I scanned myself every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I knew it was best to wait. So when the time came my husband's co-worker was generous enough to scan me and seal the secret in an envelope.

I am a bit of an over planner. I had been thinking of his gender reveal since before I was pregnant with him. As life would have it I had horrible morning sickness; and by morning I mean from the second my eyes opened in the morning until the second they closed in the evening. If I stood up for more than a minute I was sick until I was 18 weeks pregnant; thankfully it slowed a little around 15 weeks. So my massive plans had to be stalled, I could not bring myself to go to the extravagance I wanted.

We still had invitations customized on Etsy, I had pink and blue drinks. I had a chalk board to cast your vote, I sewed pink and blue buntings and made what I felt was an adorable box covered in giant polka dots and chalk paint. We brought the box the day before to Party Time on Bluebonnet, I picked out my pink and blue balloons and left them my box, envelope and balloons and my husband picked it up the next day. Surrounded by 30 of our closest friends and family who could make it we opened our box of blue balloons in shock! Our Goldendoodle chased them across the yard in excitement and my husband threw his arms up in pure joy. The first grandchild on both sides was a boy, a name sake and the first boy on my side in a long long time.

So while I totally understand how some people want to wait to find out what they are having, we are so blessed and happy to be able to help other people find out what they are having before the birth of their baby. We hope everyone enjoys their gender reveals. We love getting the videos from customers seeing their unique and creative parties. It makes my day personally and I hope makes their week! We hope you will consider First Glimpse for your gender reveal as well.

*I am attaching some pictures from my personal gender reveal. I hope everyone enjoys them!*