Heartbeat Animals

Having a baby is such an exciting time! From the first positive test to the first ultrasound and first onesie it's all a whirlwind of exciting changes in your life. Babies bring a new chapter in your lives quickly. Your once quiet home is now full of sweet little noises; most of the time. As parents we learn to juggle lack of sleep, lack of food, and full hearts with what used to be our everyday norm. The littlest thing, like going to the bathroom or washing our hair, can now be a big deal to do alone. Every day is a new adventure and every moment is now about all of you and not just yourself. It passes so quickly, the pregnancy. We tend to forget some of the sweetest little things that happened during pregnancy. How sweet those little flutters felt inside our tummies, or the sound of our sweet baby's heartbeat played over that ultrasound speaker. Every time it fills us with awe and wonder that we grew and made a tiny human. It's miraculous every time and the little things are what make it so special.

So here at First Glimpse we try to help you hold on to the little things that pass so quickly without us even realizing they're gone. We have the cutest and cuddliest Heartbeat Animals that you can add to any ultrasound package. The animals can go with your nursery theme or maybe your pet or just the cutest one you fell in love with when you walked in. We record the baby's heartbeat, in a cute little module shaped like a heart, during your ultrasound and then we put it inside the tummy of the animal of your choice. Your baby's sweet, fast and growing heartbeat will forever be cherished for nostalgic purposes.

Heartbeat animals are a wonderful addition to any child's nursery. Children love them even as they grow. Older siblings really adore them because it helps them to feel a part of the pregnancy as well. They are always so excited to show friends and family 'their baby's' heartbeat animal! If you are interested in a heartbeat animal please call us or stop by to see the adorable selection we have.