The Best Time To Find Out The Gender Of Your Baby

At First Glimpse we have so much fun determining the gender of so many sweet babies every day! We understand just how exciting it is to find out the gender of your sweet baby, but we also understand how it can be stressful. So many Mom-to-be's call us asking when they should come to find out the gender of their baby. Being a small family owned business I always ask everyone if they would like the business answer or my personal opinion; we try to always be straightforward and honest with everyone. It is not to turn you away or discourage you from your initial excitement, it is to help you feel as comfortable as possible coming to First Glimpse for your ultrasound. While we do offer a two scan gender package starting at 13 weeks, due to consumer demand, we do not try to push this package. Our most popular package is $65 for a ten minute 2D gender reveal ultrasound; our Peek A Boo Package. This package starts when the mommy is 15 weeks pregnant. While we stand by this package and believe this is the best time to START finding out the gender of your baby, every week that you wait and allow them to grow helps to make the gender determination that much more accurate. Babies are still very tiny at 15 weeks and while most are cooperative, after some gentle encouragement from juice or bathroom breaks for mom, some are not. Every baby is going to develop at their own pace, so we cannot guarantee your child will be in that wonderful gender shot position you see online.

We will ALWAYS do the best we can to get you that great shot, three if possible, but we also do not want the mom-to-be to stress. If the baby does not cooperate or we do not feel comfortable determining a gender scan we will let you come back the next week for free, and we will look again. We always want everyone to leave feeling confident in their ultrasound. So while we recommend starting to determine your child's gender at 15 weeks, every week after makes a better difference in a more accurate determination. We hope everyone appreciates our honesty and will give us, here at First Glimpse ,a chance to tell your family if you are having a bouncing baby boy or a sweet little girl.