Smoke Grenades

If you follow us, visited us or know someone who has been to us, then you know we love to constantly add to our boutique. We love being the leader in fun and exciting gender reveal items that are on hand right away. Our favorite is being able to scan your sweet baby, find out the gender, and pick out the right reveal item without anyone knowing! With that being said...

We are so excited to add Smoke Grenades to our Gender Reveal Boutique options!

They come in Purple, Red and Blue! We have a special cover we can add to them so you cannot tell the color until you pull the cord! Unlike our Smoke Bombs, these allow the person able to hold onto them as they are going off. They last for over a full minute in a very bright and obvious color!

We still offer many other gender reveal options. Cake toppers, The Big Black Balloon Full Of Confetti (Blue Or Pink), Chalk Exploding Baseballs, Footballs, Golf Balls, Soccer Balls, Basketballs and Shooting Targets. We also have the ever famous Confetti Cannons, Confetti Push Pops, Scratch Off Cards, The Big Gold Balloons that spell out BOY and GIRL, Glow In The Dark Balloons and even Bath Bombs. The Bath Bombs make a fun, safe and exciting gender reveal for your kids! Baby Brother or Baby Sister? All you have to do is drop them in the bath water and watch it bubble up and see Pink or Blue!

Call us or stop by any time we're open to shop! Bring us your gender reveal envelope and we can seal up the right gender reveal items for you! We do it all the time even if we do not do your ultrasound, although we always would love to see your sweet baby!

Thanks for visiting our Blog and Happy Revealing!