Our Favorite 3D/4D Ultrasound Babies From August

Here at First Glimpse we enjoy being able to do all kinds of Ultrasounds! From the adorable sounds of hearing your baby's heartbeat at 12 weeks with a 2D Ultrasound to finding out if you get to be team Pink or Blue at week 15, all the way to the most precious baby faces up to week 35 of pregnancy! 2D Ultrasound is used from week 12-24 for our gender determining ultrasounds. 3D Ultrasound, or 3D/4D Ultrasound, is used after 24 weeks of pregnancy to show you all the adorable features of your sweet baby! From sweet little noses to cute baby toes! Every month I get to add the 3D/4D ultrasound pictures of my favorite babies from the month before. It's so much fun to get to see these little ones in all their precious baby glory in their mommy's bellies! I love being able to spot features on the babies that match a parent or grandparent! From dimples on their sweet cheeks to long fingers and toes to a head full of hair we always have such fun learning about these babies in our 3D/4D Ultrasound Sessions.

Did you know babies Smile in the womb?! They Do! 

Occasionally we get lucky enough to see them!                                        

Check out Baby Jack below with the cutest little grin ever! Baby Jack is 28 weeks along! Or baby Karsyn with the cutest sad face! I about melted! These babies were such fun to scan!


These are my favorite 3D Ultrasound Pictures of babies so far from August 2015 taken here at First Glimpse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Baby Girl B 3D Ultrasound at 29 Weeks!


Baby Boy Colston 3D Ultrasound Playing With His Toes! 4D AUGUST 1ST HALF_3_25

Baby Cole 28 Weeks


Baby Jack Smiling So Sweet!


Baby Boy Taj 3D Ultrasound 35 Weeks!


Baby Girl Karsyn 3D Ultrasound With The Best Pout Face!

Baby T