November's Cute 3D Babies

Every month I love to take  few of my favorite 3D/HD images and share them on our blog. I love sharing them on Facebook as well. It's so much fun to see the families tag themselves in the photos. It's even more fun once the baby is born and we get to see just how close to comparison is! We are looking forward to December's babies and all the cute cheeks they will bring.  











Baby Girl Eleanor, 30 Weeks in 3D!                Baby Boy Luke, 33 Weeks, Little Toes in 3D!


If you are looking to see your sweet baby in 3D/HD we recommend coming between 28-30 weeks. We can do them up to 34/35 weeks but after that the babies are sometimes too big and we do not want you to come and spend money and receive minimal to zero pictures because of the baby's position. We want our Mom's and families to leave happy and excited to meet their sweet little one!












Baby Boy RJ, 28 Weeks, in 3D!                        Baby Boy Luke, 33 Weeks, Little Toes in HD!


With the Holiday's approaching quickly we want to remind everyone we do offer Gift Certificates. What Mom wouldn't love the gift of seeing her sweet baby?! Call us to get any information or to schedule you an appointment. Happy Holiday's Everyone! God Bless!


Baby Boy Luke, 33 Weeks, in 3D!                        Baby Boy RJ, 28 Weeks, in 3D!