March 3D/HD Pictures

We love sharing our favorite 3D/HD pictures at the end of every month! It gives our customers a chance to see real pictures we take at our facility.

We do not want false advertisement, with fake pictures bought from the internet. We want everyone to see legitimate pictures we take in our facility with our machine from our customers. Of course we always ask each parent first for their permission to share their precious baby's pictures before we do so.

We get asked a lot of questions of why some 3D/4D/HD pictures look different than others. Many key things play a role in this. As you can read in a previous blog post about getting ready for your 3D/4D/HD scans, the better your fluid levels are, at the time of your scan, the better the 3D/4D/HD pictures will come out. Amniotic  fluid levels can't be changed in mere hours before the appointment. You want to drink lots of fluids, even more than the normal, weeks prior to your 3D/4D or 3D/HD appointment, if you can. Also, the baby's gestation makes a difference as well. A 24 week baby is not going to look the same as a 29-30 week baby. You want to give the babies time to grow and fill out their little features. Once the baby's start gaining fat, after week 24 of gestation, they will start to fill out and really give you those adorable chunky cheek pictures you're hoping to see.

Each one of the pictures taken this month are from babies between 29-34 weeks gestation. We hope everyone loves them as much as we do! Thanks for visiting our Blog, we hope you enjoy it!

20160305102610_20160316155340593 Version 3

Baby Boy Mason 30 Weeks in 3D                               Baby  Boy Elijah 34 Week in 3D

20160312155731_20160316155845734 20160311103329_20160316155451453

Baby Boy Jaxxon 30 Weeks in 3D            Baby Boy Marshall Tucker 33 Weeks in 3D Smiling

20160304163711_20160305144823281 20160312152634_20160316155802796

Baby Boy Elijah 34 Weeks in HD                    Baby Girl Kinley 29 Weeks in 3D Smiling

20160312123220_20160316155613046   20160311103329_20160316155451546

Baby Boy Benoit 32 Weeks in 3D                     Baby Boy Marshall Tucker 33 Weeks in HD