July Babies 2017

We haven't posted some of the cute babies we've seen in a while! We are truly blessed to get to share in so many sweet babies with their families. From the smiles and yawns, stretches and pouts we love them all! We recommend doing your 3D/4D/HD Scan between 28-34 weeks. Our personal favorite weeks are 29 and 30. The best possible results come when the Mother has great fluid levels. With that being said we highly recommend the mother drinks EXTRA fluids at least one week prior to their ultrasound. It does take a little time to build the amniotic fluid levels up since only a portion of what we drink contributes to that. So drink drink drink! Another thing that helps is on your way to your appointment eat or drink something with sugar or caffeine so whenever you get here the baby is awake. While we can provide candy or juice in the ultrasound most of the time that won't get to the baby till after you leave. So please, do these things in advance to help with the best possible outcome. How cute are these babies below!? Thank you to their parents for letting us share them! The gold color are 3D images, which is a STILL image. 4D would be watching that type of ultrasound in Live motion. Third dimension vs fourth dimension. The pink/flesh colored images are our HD images. It is a different color of the 3D that helps to make them appear more life like. We have 4 different 3D/4D/HD Packages to choose from. Again, the best time is between 28-34 weeks. Sweet Eyes, Angel Eyes (our most popular), My Sweet Darling, My Sweet Angel.

**Please always come with excitement and a realistic understanding of what will/can happen. Babies are in a very tight space inside their mother's womb surrounded by fluid, placenta, umbilical cord and other things. Their limbs are more than likely going to be in their face. Babies are not doing this to be mean or ungrateful, they are in very tight quarters and they do not understand that we are trying to position them to see their faces. We will work with you and the baby as much as possible but please understand sometimes they just will not do what we want them to because they are comfortable, sleeping or just don't have the room to move. Always drink extra extra fluids to help as much as possible.**