Getting Ready For Your 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound

We love getting to scan adorable babies in the womb! 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound has come so far. It is amazing to see all the sweet little details of each baby that comes to First Glimpse. From the pouty lips to the 10 fingers covering their faces or playing with their umbilical cords. There is a few things each Mom to be can do to get ready for their scan to help make their pictures that much better. With 3D/4D and now HD we have to start with a good 2D picture, the original black and white ultrasound you're used to. Having good amniotic fluid levels is very key. While all pregnant women get sick of hearing drink more fluids, with these scans you really need to take extra precautions the few weeks before to double up on that. The more amniotic fluid the clearer the picture can be. The baby will also have a bit more room to move around. So two to three weeks prior to your 3D/4D/HD scan, Moms, you want to drink extra fluids, especially water.

The main thing we always get asked is "should I have eaten something?" Well this is kind of hard to answer; every baby is different. Babies do feed of what Moms eat but its actually not the food we eat that is effecting them to move around. Babies are right next to Moms intestines, and a little while after we eat our bodies start digesting. Digestion is not a quiet process and since babies are right next to the whole thing those noises are what wake them up. So I always suggest eating like you normally do. You don't want to eat a Thanksgiving size meal because sometimes babies do go into a food coma and take a wonderful nap, making it almost impossible to get them to move around. You DO want to eat something though, don't come hungry! If you know a little sugar or caffeine does get your baby moving around by all means eat or drink a little of that before you come in. Don't rely on what we have to get the baby moving because sometimes it won't even effect the baby till a while after you leave.

The last thing is "how far along should I be when I come in?" This really is also baby growth pending but our suggested time at First Glimpse is 28-32 weeks. Babies do not start getting fat on their little bodies until 24 weeks, but even still you want to give them a little time to grow and get that cute round face you are hoping to see. Before 24 weeks plain and simple babies do look like aliens, they cannot help it. They are skin and bones and still developing, so as hard as it is we do suggest waiting and letting them get cute and chunky! We have gotten some great pictures up to 36 weeks but normally we do not suggest it because babies start getting into birth position, head down facing Moms back which is away from the camera. They also are very tight in there, balled up in the fetal position, making it hard to see them.

So to recap Moms, drink plenty of fluids a few weeks prior, make sure to eat something before you come in but not a ton, and also try to come in the optimal 28-32 week gestational time and we will hopefully get some wonderful pictures of your sweet baby! We hope this helps give everyone a little more confidence and excitement when coming in for their Ultrasound.

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