Gender Reveal Balloons

Here at First Glimpse we are loving that more and more people are coming to us to get their gender reveal items! Check out our gender reveal ultrasound packages here as well! We have a 13 Week My Love Grows Gender Reveal Package, a 15 Week Peek A Boo Package, as well as our 15 Week Peek A Boo Complete Package.  We understand that sometimes people decide at the last second they want to find out, in a fun way, what they are having. Sometimes people aren't the super over planner like some of us. With that being said we get to do many scans a week where people love the option of having something fun sealed up to find out the gender of their baby. We love searching for the next best thing. Things that are fun and exciting but also convenient and easy to do. Today we are talking about our Knot & Bow Gender Reveal Balloons! I'm sure you've seen them before. They are the big black balloons stuffed full of confetti that explode the color of your baby's gender.

We have some that come in a small box with both colors of confetti. A small bag of blue and green confetti as well as a small bag of pink and white confetti. They are precut and ready to go so all someone has to do is stuff the right color in the balloon and fill it with helium and you are party ready. You cannot see through the balloons so the gender is kept a secret till the big POP!

We also have some that are pre stuffed already. They either come pre stuffed with pretty pink confetti or blue and green confetti. All they need is a little helium to have a party and you are good to go. Again, they are not see through so you cannot tell until the Pop!

The Big Black Balloon Gender Reveal is very popular! While this might throw some people off, because they want the latest and great thing, please keep in mind that it's well tested and fool proof so it's always a great option to consider. We've seen so many 'creative' things that have gone terribly wrong. You don't want to be that gender reveal where everyone is screaming, "But what is it? We can't tell!" You can't miss that exciting Pop or clarity of the confetti color! They make great pictures and are really fun for the whole family!

If you are looking for these great Balloons we carry them in store, confetti and all, for only $16.00! Call us or stop by to pick yours up today!