Family Christmas Pajama Ideas

The Holidays are always a fun time for families. Everyone enjoys the excitement the Holidays bring. The Christmas trees are brought into town and one by one everyone excitedly picks out their favorite, ties it to their vehicle and brings it home. Some people decorate their tree early while others wait until Christmas Eve. Everyone has their own family traditions which really help to bring the holidays alive in every home. Family traditions are what help unite families on the Holidays. Now that I have a small child I am learning there are so many fun things we can do together as a family. Stockings hanging from a handmade ladder my husband built for us or glittery ornaments my one year old likes to throw at our dogs, it all makes for sweet and funny memories. One thing I looked into personally this year, to my husbands dismay, was matching Christmas Pajamas. My family never did anything like this growing up so I had to do some research to see what all was out there. There are strips and snowflake patterns. There are solids, flannels, cottons and stretchy. There are even matching family superhero themes you can get at a decent price from Target. This was my goal. I wanted to be a family of Bat-People (I can't say Batmen because I am a Bat-woman thank you very much).

So while I got on Pinterest and Google and explored my options when the time came down to it I didn't order in time and a big sale wiped my Bat Family option away. So I guess this year we will have to miss out on the excitement of matching family jammies. That doesn't mean you have to though. There are still some really cute ones out there, down to matching pet pajamas. Our Goldendoodle and Westies will be joining in the fun one year, I can promise you that.

If you are in the Baton Rouge area and are looking for some traditional, precious, top of the line Pajamas for your little one, check out Oh Pair Shoe Boutique on Jefferson Hwy. Click here to see how cute they are. My sweet boy will definitely have a pair next year!

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