Confetti Cannons

The title alone says exciting things!

You were probably just scrolling past and thought, "now I'm curious" right?!

Me too. It's really how I got sucked in. I was looking for new and cute ways for people to announce the gender of their baby. Everyone is always looking for that exciting, in the moment, item. While some people can wait, plan a party, give it a few weeks, other people are dying to know in that moment or that day.  With that excitement comes a whirlwind of ideas that need time to be brought to life, time that no one wants to give.




Thus, came the Confetti Cannon! After lots of research we found an awesome vendor to purchase them from. We offer these cannons ready to go and use immediately. They are 12" tall and all appear exactly the same from the outside so you will not be able to tell which is which. We know the secret and we're not telling! We can wrap up the correct cannon for you. All you have to do is take it to the desired location and twist the bottom and bright pink or bright blue confetti will shoot out, up to TEN FEET in the air!

How much fun is that?! 10 feet too much? We also offer the Thimblepress Confetti Push Pops! These also are impossible to tell from the outside if they are pink or blue on the inside. You can either hit the bottom stick with your hand or hit it on a hard surface and it will go a few feet into the air raining blue and gold or pink and gold confetti.

They are both a great way to announce the gender of your baby whether for just close family, your older children, or social media! Everyone loves announcing with a big splash of excitement and we love helping you! Stop by First Glimpse any time we're open to get your Confetti Cannon or Confetti Push Pop or many other fun and exciting ideas. We start gender reveal scans as early as 13 weeks. Our most popular packages start at 15 weeks!

We hope to make everything as fun and exciting as possible for you and your friends and family!