Baby Showers

Baby showers are such a special time. Bringing a new baby into your lives changes everything. As a younger Mom I have thrown quite a few showers myself. From Engagement, to Bridal, to the now ever exciting Baby Showers! With each changing time in our lives we look forward to the next best thing, and thanks to Pinterest and Etsy everything has such high expectations to be customized to each person and event.Front Room With that being said I’ve spent quite a bit of time searching for a place to throw showers, especially baby showers. Between my own research, my friends and family’s we’ve learned special, adorable locations are hard to come by. With the purchase of First Glimpse it really gave me the option to do something remarkable! Now that we have redesigned the decor and layout of First Glimpse we are able to host adorable and unique Baby Showers with the ultrasound twist.

From my experience in ultrasound over the years there is one thing I’ve learned, everyone loves to see the baby during an ultrasound. So combining the two seemed like the best of both worlds. We can set up First Glimpse to comfortably seat around 25 people for a shower but we also have a 20 minute Ultrasound done LIVE during the shower for all of the guests to enjoy as well. Thus, making it not only adorable but unique and one of a kind. The mother to be receives a CD of all the still images we take throughout the scan of the baby, as well as a DVD of the ultrasound set to music, and multiple printed pictures as a wonderful keepsake.

When it comes to personalizing these showers Meghan Florich of My Sweet Darling Boutique, housed inside of First Glimpse, is amazing. The mother to be or friends and family throwing the shower can work along side with her to customize every aspect of the shower to their taste. From table runners and invitations to chair ties and banners she can do it all to your specific theme and taste. It can truly become a one of a kind experience that everyone will always remember and treasure.

Naked CakePlease see the beautiful shower we threw for Meghan Florich at First Glimpse below. We are still over the moon to be featured in InRegister Magazine in the August 2015 addition showcasing her precious shower. We hope you will consider us in the future when planning the baby shower of your dreams! Shower and Decor package information can be found here.