3D/4D/HD Babies In January

January 3D/HD Babies!

At the end of every month we love to share some of our favorite babies! Their pictures always make us smile and stay in awe of the abilities of technology and the beautiful creations of God.

Some of our babies smile, some pout, some even throw up the peace sign! :)

During January we had some fun ones as always! We even had a baby 38 weeks along still give us some beautiful, or should we say handsome, shots of his precious face. We hope everyone enjoys our recent pictures. Follow us on instagram to see even more! Instagram: Firstglimpsebr or use the hashtag #firstglimpsebr or #FirstglimpseBR or #Firstglimpsebr

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Baby Stella, 31 Weeks in 3D!



Baby Beaux in HD! 38 Weeks!                                    Peace Out! ;)