Peek a Boo Surprise - $99

You must be at least 15 Weeks to do this package!


8-10 Minute 2D Gender Determination Ultrasound Session
5 B&W Printed Pictures
Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat
Gender Determination
Theatre Viewing For Friends & Family
We Comfortably Seat 8-10 People, More Are Welcome
Children Are Always Welcome
Please Come With A Full Bladder For This Scan
1 Small Heartbeat Animal Dressed In Either Tutu Or Bow Tie,
Concealed In A Gender Reveal Surprise Box
1 Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

** If we are not 100% sure of your baby’s gender or your baby is uncooperative during their appointment we will ask you to come back the following day or week for a second scan at no additional charge. **