Why We Offer One Hour Appointments

Why Do You Offer One Hour Appointments? I think this would be one of the most popular questions asked here at First Glimpse.  Why do you offer a one hour 3D/4D/HD Appointment? Won't we get tired of seeing the baby? What if I don't want to stay in the room an hour? Won't I get uncomfortable? Why would you even offer this? Let us explain. First Glimpse was the original 3D/4D ultrasound facility in Louisiana. We originated in 2003. All we used to offer was a One Hour 3D/4D Appointment, no other length of time. With that being said First Glimpse is under new ownership and due to popular demand we now offer 20 minute and 30 minute 3D/4D appointments but we still offer our most popular one hour appointment because we still feel this is the best one. It is the best value for your money and gives your baby the most time to give us that precious face shot you are hoping for.

Our one hour appointments, My Sweet Darling or My Sweet Angel, are usually only a 40-45 minute scan. We do NOT scan the entire hour. We give the extra time to try to get the baby to move around to get the optimal position and picture. Despite what some people think coming into these appointments, very few babies start off in the perfect position. A lot actually are hiding, facing mommy's back or snuggling the placenta or have their hands and feet in their face. Did you know they even chew on their umbilical cord? They do! They love chewing on anything they can get their little fingers on. So with that being said sometimes 20 or 30 minutes isn't long enough to sweetly coerce your precious baby to put their hands down or turn and face the camera; they're infants they don't understand and we cannot move them manually. So we like to have the extra time to let mommy drink some juice or eat some candy or walk around. This longer appointment gives us just that. Especially when people have a large group coming to see the precious and exciting show, that your baby can put on, it can be a let down if after 20 minutes baby still hasn't moved and they have nothing to see. We like to give our customers the option to have the most time possible to view their baby.

Won't I get uncomfortable? We truly hope not! We try to strive to have the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible. We have an adorable REAL bed. It's stocked with tons of pillows as well as a foam wedge for your back. We understand during pregnancy it can get uncomfortable being in one position too long so that is why we try to make the setting as relaxing as possible so you can enjoy your entire time viewing your sweet baby. Please view our pictures on the website to see our relaxing room that is large enough to hold your friends and family as well.

So while an hour may originally seem long it will only be 40-45 minutes maximum of scan time. It gives the parents a piece of mind knowing they have more time to get that special shot of their sweet baby's face. As well as let everyone become relaxed and comfortable in our large room. We hope you will consider First Glimpse when looking for some place to see your precious baby in 2D, 3D/4D and HD.

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