Why Can't I Just Come In For A Quick 3D Picture?

Why Can't I Just Come In For A Quick 3D Picture?You don't offer something for just a picture, I don't want a package. I don't want to come for 2o or 30 minutes, I just want one picture, how much is that?

We get these questions Every. Day. Now we want to show you a perfect example of why sessions last as long as they do. This is Baby Girl Heard. She is 29 weeks in 3D and HD and her Mommy's fluid levels were Beautiful! We originally started right here. We could already see her face, she was pretty cooperative from the get go, but the placenta was in her face. You see the cloud covering her? Placenta. She was snuggling Mommy. The placenta is wonderful, they love it, it's like a giant Mommy pillow. It's great for everything, except pictures.

See this picture below. This was the first one we took of her.


Next, we waited a few minutes, rolled Mom on her side to see if we could get some more room between Baby Heard and the placenta.


We switched from HD to 3D, but now we can see more of her face. We're getting there. It's been about 5 minutes by this point. Next we rolled Mom a little more.

Now that she's turning more the way we'd like, more into the fluid and less into the placenta, we are starting to get more of her face.

See how much more we have now? It's amazing what a little time can do. The pictures are great. We can even start taking a little time to edit some, to see what Mom likes more.

If Mom has enough fluid we are sometimes able to cut things we don't want out of the picture, notice the placenta gone on the side of the face.

By this point I knew we had the capabilities to move the baby around a little more, if she wanted to cooperate, and get a stunning picture. Thankfully we still had 10 minutes left in our 30 minute ultrasound and we were able to capture some of these amazing shots.


Without the proper amount of time we wouldn't have been able to get these AMAZING shots. So when it comes down to it the answer is sadly no, I cannot get you one picture really quickly. Try to remember that a baby is in a very tight space, inside your body. We are looking through your stomach, through placenta, fluid, etc. Things take time. I promise if we could position the baby like a newborn photo shoot, we absolutely would! It would save us so much time. We would LOVE to give every Momma the most beautiful perfect pictures, but we cannot guarantee that and we do not want to lie to you. We want you to come in with a normal expectation and be amazed that we can show you pictures of your baby in 3D/4D/HD. We love what we do and we hope you love what you get when you come to First Glimpse!

Thanks for reading! We hope this helps.

-Micah Dugas